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Running Myths – Part 2

Running Myths

This post is part of a series of “running myths” posts that I have been doing. You can find more in this series by clicking here. When talking with friends and reading running posts online you come across a lot of information that may not necessarily be true. The running myths may be popular conversation Continue Reading

Running Tip – Smelly Sneakers

Photo By: timtak

I always come across interesting tips from friends and co-runners and decided to pass on the tips to all of you as well! It is “Tip of the Week” but in reality I may have more, I may have less (but I’m going to TRY to do one a week). Anyways, on to your first Continue Reading

Carb Loading Before A Run

Carb Loading

When I ran my first marathon a few years ago, I was researching like crazy the proper nutrition needed to help me get through the race. If there was a special food source that helped newbies like me make it to the finish line, I wanted to know about it! Ever since my track days Continue Reading

Yasso 800s – Long Distance Training

Yasso 800s

Chances are that if you are training for a marathon, researching on the web, and possibly a subscriber to Runner’s World magazine you have came across the “Yasso 800s” workout. A brief explanation (and history) of the workout is on the Runner’s World website¬† but I’ll explain to the best of my ability below. At Continue Reading

How to Run Barefoot

Barefoot Running Tips

To wear or not to wear? That is the question when it comes to running in your good old fashioned sneakers. Is minimalist or barefoot running a fad or are there some truths to why these crazy kids are running without shoes!? Should you run barefoot? To be honest with you, there is research out Continue Reading

Running Documentaries

Spirit of the Marathon

Nothing get me more pumped up to run and train than reading running blogs posts/books, running magazines or watching running documentaries. Running documentaries have a unique way of showing not only who runs but how they run and why the run. For some reason, seeing these individuals in the flesh makes it much more real Continue Reading

Should Children Run in Marathons?

Children Run in Marathons

This topic has been talked about in the running circles for a long time. I’m sure that if you have ran any type of race, from 5K to Marathons, you have noticed a younger child running in the races (usually with their parents). When speaking with other runners there is mixed opinions on whether or Continue Reading

Running Etiquette and Manners

Running Etiquette

It is your first race and you have no idea what is going to happen or what proper running etiquette is. And why would you? You have been running and training by yourself for this race – not with hundreds of other people around! Don’t worry, it is not as bad as it seems! Below Continue Reading

Running Magazine Motivation

Running Magazine - Running Times

Yes, we have all heard of Runner’s World – the fantastic magazine for both beginner and veteran runners. Did you know that there are other running magazines that just might be as beneficial and help keep you motivated? There are some days throughout the month where I will sit down and read about running. Whether Continue Reading

Running Myths

Running Myths

When talking with friends and reading running posts online you come across a lot of information that may not necessarily be true. The running myths may be popular conversation pieces when people talk about running, but it is good to know why some of these statements are false (especially ones that are just excuses!) Running Continue Reading

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