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Unmotivated to Run

Running Motivation

We all go through little dry spells when it comes to training and running now and again. It could be for numerous reasons such as an all of a sudden busier life, sickness, injury or just plain laziness. For what it is worth, I myself have had many “dry spells” and I know I will Continue Reading

Get Rid of Blisters

Get Rid of Blisters

Nothing is worse than trying to get into the swing of running, only to be sidelined because of a huge blister (or two) on the bottom of your feet. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, someone who runs in shoes or someone who runs barefoot, blisters are just part of life for a Continue Reading

Calf Muscle Pain from Running

Calf Muscle Pain

If you have just started adapting your form so you run with more of a midfoot/forefoot stride, you may find that your calf muscle are aching more than usual. It is common to have calf muscle pain as a runner, especially if you are running more mileage than normal and/or changing up to a more Continue Reading

Ice Bath Recovery for Running Injuries

Ice Bath Recovery

Ice baths? Burr. I know it may seem like an awful experience, but there are many reason why a runner should utilize an ice bath recovery plan. The use of ice in healing injuries, or cryotherapy, has been fundamental for athletes including professional football and ruby players, and recently long distance endurance runners. Swelling and Continue Reading

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