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Benefits of the Cool Down

Benefits of a Cool Down

I get it. You just ran your heart out for the longest run of your training thus far and all you want to do is plop down on the ground and catch your breath. You don’t care much about the benefits of the cool down and just want to rest. It is natural to just Continue Reading

Ice Bath Recovery for Running Injuries

Ice Bath Recovery

Ice baths? Burr. I know it may seem like an awful experience, but there are many reason why a runner should utilize an ice bath recovery plan. The use of ice in healing injuries, or cryotherapy, has been fundamental for athletes including professional football and ruby players, and recently long distance endurance runners. Swelling and Continue Reading

Get Rid of Shin Splints

Shin Splints - Run

The dreaded running problem – shin splints. This type of injury is very common for runners, especially those who are training and may be pushing into a faster pace or longer mileage. Shin splints do not have to mean an end to your running career however and can be treated using the tips below. Remember, Continue Reading

Running Through Pain – When to Stop, When to Keep Going

Photo By: carlos.a.martinez

We all come to those moments in our training where we will feel pain while running. Pain is a common occurrence while running, both competitively or recreationally, but it is sometimes hard to realize when to worry about the pain you are feeling and when to push through. Running through pain is something we all do, Continue Reading

Before Running – Getting Medical Clearance

Photo by: Helge V. Keitel

The phrase “medical clearance” is usually something that you hear referring to professional athletes who were injured and are well enough to get back to playing their sport. Unfortunately, we don’t hear “medical clearance” for us normal folks too often, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important! There are quite a few reasons Continue Reading

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