High Energy Foods for Runners

High Energy Coffee

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We have all been there. You come home from work, knowing that you have to run to keep up with your mileage for the week, but have no energy whatsoever. You look around the cabinets trying to find something that is both nutritious, delicious and will fill your energy tanks to the brim. Hopefully you have some of these high energy foods below:

High Energy Food #1 – Coffee (or more importantly caffeine)

This isn’t much of a surprise, since millions of people around the globe use coffee to help wake up in the morning. But did you know that caffeine can help runners as well? Not only will caffeine give you a quick boost for your brain, it also has been shown to helps athletes perform longer than athletes without caffeine. There have also been findings that caffeine may help speed up recovery after a run!

High Energy Food #2 – Bananas

There are a bunch of reasons to add bananas to your overall diet, but one of the reasons is for high energy! Bananas, like other fruits, are full potassium that help maintain proper nerve and muscle function. Bananas also provide beneficial fiber, ready-to-use sugars and are perfect to eat hours before a run or right after to help recovery!

High Energy Food #3 – Chia Seeds

You may have heard of Chia Seeds in the book Born to Run, which speaks of the seeds energy boosting powers. Chia seeds (as well as other seeds) are full of soluble fiber to help you feel fuller longer. What is even better is the seeds offer a energy time-releasing effect which can help balance out your blood sugar levels while you work out (which means less energy crashes!)

High Energy Food #4 – Cold Water Fish

Salmon is great and good for you! Cold water fish offers an excellent source of omega-3’s and the high energy vitamin B as well as vitamin D.

High Energy Food #5 – Oats

Mr. Ed will eat them and you should probably too. Oats provide the high energy vitamin B, high fibers and complex carbohydrates. Does this mean you should open up your next instant oatmeal package and start chowing? No, it doesn’t. This is because you should focus on REAL oats and not the barely real instant oatmeal mixes.

Are there any other high energy foods that you can think of? Comment below!

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