My Top Running Route Planners

Route Planner RunningThere are a few running route planners out there to help you map your runs. Below is a compiled list of some of the top route planners out there that generally offer the same thing. What you choose is based on your own personal preference, what kind of equipment you have and how avid of a runner you are.

Running Route Planner #1 –

MapMyRun is the first and only route planner that I use on a consistent basis. Recently they just had a complete change in web design that makes it even easier to map a run. The website also provides ways to track calories and other diet information as well.

The website offers a premium membership where you can pay to have a few more features and remove most of the ads on the website. This is something to consider as the ads can sometimes make your mapping experience a little slower.

The mapping feature offers a bunch of different options such as following roads, out and back routes and loop routes. It is also relatively easy to edit your route on the fly.

MapMyRun also has a iPhone and Android app that you can take along on your runs and it will automatically map your route and upload it to the website.

Running Route Planner #2 –

WalkJogRun is a website that offers just good ol’ fashioned running route planning. You do not have to mess with any other special features as the map is the forefront of this website (it does have some training tips and blog though).

The running route planner is pretty easy to use and offers some of the features like MapMyRun. What is great about WalkJogRun is that you can actually see routes in your area easily on the side. By scrolling over the routes you will see them highlighted on the map.

Running Route Planner #3 –

RouteLoops isn’t the best looking website, but it does have a nice feature that blew me away. By typing in your address and your desired route length RouteLoops will create a running route for you! This is great if you want to have a simple and easy way to create a running route.

The website is not as user friendly as I would like, but it does offer some great benefits!

Running Route Planner #4 –

Again, a no fuss website that offers a simple running route planner with out the bells and whistles. The map is very easy to plot and use and offers a view of the elevation changes during the route.

The search feature to find runs is also pretty clean and easy to use. By typing in your city you can find runs around your location and just select the routes you are interested and upload them directly.

What are your favorite running route planners? Have you used the websites above? Which ones do you prefer? Comment below!

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