Recommended Running Products

There is one thing that is so great about choosing “running” as a way to get healthy, stay in shape or as a hobby — it costs practically nothing!

Of course, there are items that do make your runs a little more enjoyable and that is what this page is all about. Whenever I go for a fun run, start a training program for a race, or try to shed a few pounds here and there, there are a few essentials I have in place.

Do you need these products? Absolutely not. Do I still recommend them? Yes and I’ll explain why under each product.

Music Players and Accessories

A lot of people have MP3 players nowadays – some even included on their phone like all of those nifty smart phones out there. There are a few products that I have used below that have their pros and cons. Check out my favorite music accessories here.


Hydration is a very important aspect of training and running longer distances. If you are running for longer than a half hour you should really consider some way of getting water into your system that isn’t going to hinder your training. This is even important for sprinters and fast walkers alike. Check out so of my favorite hydration equipment here.

Stretching and Warming Up

It is very important to stretch after a workout, warm up beforehand and cool down after everything. You can do a lot of this with just your body and maybe a wall or chair for balance. However, for more advanced moves you may need some equipment to help stretch farther, warm up faster, and cool down properly. Check out some of my favorites here.

Dealing with Injuries

Injuries will pop up for you, whether you are a beginner or a veteran. The severity of the injuries depends on how careful you are with your training. I have gone through a few different injuries through my “running career” from sprain, to cuts, to bruises, to pulled muscles to a torn Achilles tendon. The best form of action for injuries is rest, rest, rest — but if you looking for some things to help you out check out my favorite products.

Motivation and Learning

One your worst enemies while training for a race is your mind. You may think you can’t do a distance, you may think you’re not fast enough, you may think you’re too old, etc, etc, etc. In reality, anyone can be a runner. You just need to have some motivation. One of my favorite motivation builders is reading running blogs (like this one!) and subscribing to a magazine where I get the latest running news each month. I also make it a point to read running related books every once in awhile to keep me motivated and to learn a little more about the sport. I’ll be writing reviews on my favorite books as time moves on – you can find it under the category “Running Book of the Moment”

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