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Yes, we have all heard of Runner’s World – the fantastic magazine for both beginner and veteran runners. Did you know that there are other running magazines that just might be as beneficial and help keep you motivated? There are some days throughout the month where I will sit down and read about running. Whether it be online or in a magazine, I feel like the more I am thinking about training and running in general, the more I want to hit the pavement and get out there!

Below are some potential running magazines to help you stay motivated throughout your training:

 Running Magazine - Running TimesRunning Times

Amazon Description:

Running Times is the go-to source of information and inspiration for the dedicated, active runner and fan. Our mission is to enable runners to take their performance and enjoyment of running to a higher level. We go beyond basic tips, answering “why” as well as “how,” providing fresh knowledge and perspectives through trusted content that reflects the runner’s view of the world, inspires and motivates.

Running Magazine - Running JournalRunning Journal

Amazon Description:

Every issue of Running Journal contains a comprehensive race calendar, along with articles on nutrition, sports psychology, training, readers’ letters, and much more.


Running Magazine - Marathon and BeyondMarathon and Beyond

Amazon Description:

Magzine with practical advice on running or preparing to run marathons and ultradistances. Includes easy-to-apply, cutting-edge scientific information, insightful examinations of the personal side of longer distance running, profiles of major marathons and ultramarathons, regular columns and more.


Running Magazine - Runner's WorldRunner’s World

Amazon Description:

Each monthly issue of Runner’s World brings you advice on new running techniques, introduces you the latest running products and national and international race information. You’ll find the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals. Runner’s World is filled with the powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it.

Running Fitness

Amazon Description:

Running Fitness is devoted to all aspects of running. Whether racing, running for fitness, or training, you will be inspired and entertained. Helping you to make your running experience the best possible by providing expert advice, helpful tips and race event information.

Do you know of any other running magazines (or magazine in general) that help motivate you to train and run more? Comment below!

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