Running Music Accessories

Product Name: Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

Description: Take your iPod/iPhone enjoyment to new heights with premium sound from Bose. The Bose MIE2i mobile headset is designed specifically for use with your favorite Apple products. An inline integrated remote lets you take calls on your iPhone with one-touch ease. And a three-button remote located on the reverse side of the mic provides control of your iPod, iPhone and other select Apple devices. Adjust volume, play/pause tracks, skip tracks forward/backward, fast forward/rewind, and change playlists–all while enjoying your music.

Why: You can really get any type of headphones but the ones that I prefer are headphones that offer the remote on the actual headphones. That way, you can keep your music player in your pocket or wherever, and adjust the volume or change songs while you are running without ever having to look down. It is safe and easy.

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Product Name: Cellet Neoprene Armband

Cellet Neoprene Armband

Description: Cellet Neoprene Armband is constructed of lightweight, washable neoprene to securely carry your favorite music sources such as MP3 players, portable radios, or even smartphones to your favorite outdoor activities.

Why: While you are running, you may feel awkward having your mp3 player in your pocket or in your hand. Some don’t mind, but others may want their mp3 player in a safe place that is out of the way. This arm strap is perfect for that. You can find a bunch that may fit your specific model, but some fit more than one. When used with the headphones, you have a perfect combination of convenience and safety.

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