Running Tip – Smelly Sneakers

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I always come across interesting tips from friends and co-runners and decided to pass on the tips to all of you as well! It is “Tip of the Week” but in reality I may have more, I may have less (but I’m going to TRY to do one a week).

Anyways, on to your first tip!

Smelly Sneakers

I believe 99.9% of runners have a problem with their shoes smelling God-awful after a long run, or after months and months of running. Some of us keep our shoes in the garage or on the patio outside; others may shove them deep into a closet hoping to mask the smell; and others may even wash their shoes EVERY time they go for a run, hoping that when they dry, the smell will be long gone.

Or, better yet, being like any college student and using half a bottle of FeBreeze to make your shoes (and living space) smell like flowers…with only a hint of stench.

Well – I’ve done every single one of those things and for me, I have found a better solution.

And it comes in a $2-$3 orange box.

Baking soda.

The “for anything that smells” solution! You can use it on furniture, carpet, in your fridge, in your room – just about anywhere. But for me, the most important task for my baking soda is wiping away the stench coming out of my shoes.

Now I have tried a few ways of doing this:

Sprinkle a little bit of the magical dust (no, I’m not talking about a drug you terrible person you) on the inside of your shoes. Let it sit for the night after a run and let it work it’s magic. Once you are ready to use your shoes again, just dump out as much of the baking soda that you can into the garbage. Bam! Done. Repeat as necessary.

However, if you don’t like the mess of the baking soda, you can use this little trick that I have been using for the past year, but also recently saw on All you need to do is pour the baking soda into a coffee filter and shove it in your shoe. The magic still happens and all you need to do is pull out the coffee filter when done. If you tie the end with a rubber band you can even save the filter for future smelly shoe use!

You can also use these non-stink baking soda “bombs” in your laundry basket or around the house to help with smells, as stated in the article.

If baking soda is not getting it done and you need something with a little more kick and fragrance, try ordering some sneaker balls which are good for shoes and for things like gym bags.

Have you used baking soda to help with the stench coming out of your shoes? How did you like it? Are there other ways to help de-funkify your shoes after a long, sweaty run? Comment below!

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