Running with Kids and Children

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Before children, it was easy to get out of the house and run a few miles. Now, with the demands of a parent, you find it hard to hit the pavement even once a week, let alone a few times a week. How can you, between work and parenting, find time for the sport you love? Running with kids is not too difficult, as long as you have the necessary equipment and motivation.

Purchase a Treadmill

For those of you who have the means of purchasing a treadmill, it is highly recommended if you plan on running with kids. Since you may not have the luxury of a babysitter throughout the week, having a treadmill gives you the opportunity to fit in a few miles of running and still be around your children to watch over them.

Purchase a Running Stroller

A little less expensive of a purchase would be a running stroller for running with kids, especially toddlers and babies. This stroller gives you the ability to go outside and run and bring your children along for the fun!

Work Out a Deal with Other Running Parents

If you know friends who also would like to train for an upcoming race and cannot find the time to get in their mileage, why not offer to babysit each others children! You normally would be watching your kids anyways, and it would be great to have a support system from a parent who knows what you are going through and can help.

Running on a Track

Not everyone loves running on a track, but if you are running with kids it may be a great option! Usually tracks will have some sort of field in the center that is big enough for all sorts of activities. If the field is not being used, why not have your children play in the middle while you run around the track? They could play games such as capture the flag, tag or even catch.

Have any other ideas on running with kids? Comment below!

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