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Carb Loading Before A Run

Carb Loading

When I ran my first marathon a few years ago, I was researching like crazy the proper nutrition needed to help me get through the race. If there was a special food source that helped newbies like me make it to the finish line, I wanted to know about it! Ever since my track days Continue Reading

High Energy Foods for Runners

High Energy Food - Coffee

We have all been there. You come home from work, knowing that you have to run to keep up with your mileage for the week, but have no energy whatsoever. You look around the cabinets trying to find something that is both nutritious, delicious and will fill your energy tanks to the brim. Hopefully you Continue Reading

Bananas – A Runner’s Best Friend


A simple banana. Who would have thought that this yellow wrapped fruit could pack such an important punch for runners who are both rookies and veterans. Don’t believe me? Look below at all of the benefits of this magnificent fruit – the banana! Bananas Lower Blood Pressure The average bananas contains at least 450 milligrams Continue Reading

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