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Half Marathon to Marathon Training

Photo By: through my eyes only

Congratulations, you ran all 13.1 miles of your half marathon! Awesome achievement and something you will never forget. Of course, now you are looking for even more of a challenge aren’t you? You are looking to move on from a half marathon to a marathon and need the proper training tips to make it happen. Continue Reading

Importance of Warming Up Before Running

Photo By: lululemon athletica

When you were a kid, running around in the streets, riding your bike, playing sports – you never thought once about “warming up” beforehand to prevent injury. So why worry about it now? There are plenty of reasons why warming up before some type of activity is important for just about everyone. The reason that Continue Reading

5K Training Schedule – Beginner

Photo By: Robert Couse-Baker

Looking for some type of 5K training schedule for a beginner? You have come to the right place! Not only will the below information give you a sample 5K training schedule, it will also explain to you why the schedule is created this way and where you can adjust to customize the training schedule to Continue Reading

How to Run Faster – Long Distance

Photo By: gareth1953 Alive and Well and Much Better

You may have just started to run and are getting more and more comfortable with the long distance sport. However, you are finding yourself running the same pace over and over again and want to try to figure out how to run faster. This could be because you are looking to actively compete in a Continue Reading

Running Through Pain – When to Stop, When to Keep Going

Photo By: carlos.a.martinez

We all come to those moments in our training where we will feel pain while running. Pain is a common occurrence while running, both competitively or recreationally, but it is sometimes hard to realize when to worry about the pain you are feeling and when to push through. Running through pain is something we all do, Continue Reading

Running with Kids and Children

Photo By: mikebaird

Before children, it was easy to get out of the house and run a few miles. Now, with the demands of a parent, you find it hard to hit the pavement even once a week, let alone a few times a week. How can you, between work and parenting, find time for the sport you Continue Reading

What is a “Runner’s High”?

Photo By: through my eyes only

As a beginner to running, you may hear veteran runner’s talk about the “Runner’s High” – a moment during a run (usually after a certain distance) when the runner feels some type of euphoria. This euphoria is described differently among runners which do not have a clear and concise consensus of what it really is. Continue Reading

How to Run – Proper Running Form

Photo By: Sheffield Tiger

Who would have thought that something as simple as running could have a “proper form.” I mean, we have been running all of our lives (pretty much since we could balance on two legs) – and everything worked out pretty well then, why focus on form now? As we get older, and for a variety Continue Reading

Training or Running on a Treadmill

Photo By: www.metaphoricalplatypus.com

When you decide to start running you may feel self-conscious about running outside at first or depending on timing you may have decided to start running during the winter months. The next best option if you have it available is running on a treadmill. There are some benefits to running on a treadmill, both for training Continue Reading

Before Running – Getting Medical Clearance

Photo by: Helge V. Keitel

The phrase “medical clearance” is usually something that you hear referring to professional athletes who were injured and are well enough to get back to playing their sport. Unfortunately, we don’t hear “medical clearance” for us normal folks too often, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important! There are quite a few reasons Continue Reading

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