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Running Myths

Running Myths

When talking with friends and reading running posts online you come across a lot of information that may not necessarily be true. The running myths may be popular conversation pieces when people talk about running, but it is good to know why some of these statements are false (especially ones that are just excuses!) Running Continue Reading

Calf Muscle Pain from Running

Calf Muscle Pain

If you have just started adapting your form so you run with more of a midfoot/forefoot stride, you may find that your calf muscle are aching more than usual. It is common to have calf muscle pain as a runner, especially if you are running more mileage than normal and/or changing up to a more Continue Reading

Importance of Warming Up Before Running

Photo By: lululemon athletica

When you were a kid, running around in the streets, riding your bike, playing sports – you never thought once about “warming up” beforehand to prevent injury. So why worry about it now? There are plenty of reasons why warming up before some type of activity is important for just about everyone. The reason that Continue Reading

Common Stretches for Runners

Photo By: lululemon athletica

There has been a lot of talk over the years about common stretches: How should I stretch? When should I stretch? Dynamic or static? For how long? Blah, blah, blah. When it comes down to it, we know that running while your muscles and joints are “cold” can cause injuries, especially when doing an activity Continue Reading

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