Training or Running on a Treadmill

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When you decide to start running you may feel self-conscious about running outside at first or depending on timing you may have decided to start running during the winter months. The next best option if you have it available is running on a treadmill.

There are some benefits to running on a treadmill, both for training purposes and for recreation. First, the treadmill gives you the opportunity to control the climate (a bit) so you are not running in extreme hot or cold. This can be great for individuals who are running a race in July, but are training in February.

Running on a treadmill also is a little easier on your joints. Although if following a proper running form you should not have much joint pain, you may be just starting to run and have not perfected your form just yet. Or maybe you have had a recent injury and need something that is easier on the knees. This could be a prefect solution.

For training purposes, you are also able to control and set your pace, which is important if you want to run a race in a certain amount of time. While running outdoors, you may unconsciously slow down because your mind might drift off, while the treadmill will not let you slow down and will go at a constant pace.

You may also have the ability (depending on the type of treadmill) to incorporate incline and hill work into your run, without have to search for hills in your area to run. This is great for building up your endurance and strengthening your legs (importance of hill work).

Although nothing replaces running outdoors when training for a race, running on a treadmill has it advantages for the times in which you can’t run outside for a number of reasons.

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