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Running Motivation

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We all go through little dry spells when it comes to training and running now and again. It could be for numerous reasons such as an all of a sudden busier life, sickness, injury or just plain laziness.

For what it is worth, I myself have had many “dry spells” and I know I will have many more to come.

Currently, I am dealing with injuries unrelated to running and it is hard for me to stay motivated. I know once I am cleared to run again I may be very unmotivated to run which will lead to runs that are more like work than something I enjoy.

So how do I stay motivated as I am waiting for my body to heal?

Running Magazine, Books and Blogs

I have said this probably a dozen times throughout this blog, but I feel like people can never hear enough. You can stay motivated to run by dedicating a portion of your day to running related activities.

You may think this needs to be a physical activity, but really it does not need to be. Reading blogs, books and magazines on the sport can help keep running at the forefront of your mind, give you tips and ideas to try out once you are ready to hit the pavement again and in the end motivated you so you enjoy your runs.

It is kind of like running in your mind since your body can’t / doesn’t want to.

Watch Videos

Have you ever watched a TEDTalk before? They are some of the most inspiring people on the planet talking about subjects that they enjoy and love so much. It is hard to not enjoy a lot of these clips.

I don’t know what it is about videos that are so motivating. Maybe because seeing an actual human being makes their words sound that much more real.

One of my favorites is by Christopher McDougall who presents some information that you can find in his book, Born to Run.

See the presentation below!

Online Running Forums

Blogs are a good way to read up on the running lifestyle, but it hard to have a two way conversation with bloggers and readers sometimes.

What is great, is that there are running forums out there that are dedicated to the idea of chatting, asking questions, etc about running in general.

Some of the forums that I check out regularly are:

What about you? How do you keep up with all the latest running information and help to stay motivated to avoid dry spells? How do you stay motivated when you are injured?

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